About Prelude 80

Prelude 80

Prelude 80 is a fifteen-story concrete frame design with 53 residential units for a total of 109,661 square feet. The common areas consist of interior corridors, lobby area, fitness rooms with showers and saunas as well as storage and mechanical rooms. The windows in Prelude 80 are a combination of double strength and plate glass secured to aluminum frames. We also have an emergency generator in the event of a power outage.

The swimming pool has a beautiful view of the bay and the most amazing sunsets. The pool is open year round and maintains a warm temperature regardless of outside conditions using a heated pump. Prelude 80 is located on Clearwater Bay in Clearwater, Florida. Originally constructed in 1973, the common areas include a 15 story tower building, pool, seawall, asphalt paved parking and drives, concrete paving/curbing, metal carports(6), fencing, site lighting, signage, and landscaping and irrigation system. For more information, please visit the "About Us" page of the site.

Prelude 80

Pool Rules

1. No swimming is allowed after dusk.

2. Voices shall be kept at normal conversational levels.

3. Radios/CD/DVD players of any kind are only permitted in the pool area with the use of earphones.

4. All bobby pins, hair pins and other such objects shall be removed before entering the pool.

5. Glass or breakable containers of any kind shall not be allowed in the pool area.

6. Any refuse or personal items shall be cleaned up properly, removed and disposed of. Chairs, etc. should be returned to their original positions.

7. Children without clothes are not permitted in the swimming pool. Children wearing diapers are also required to be dressed in TIGHT FITTING WATERPROOF PANTS, (in addition to the diapers) at all times while they are in or around the pool. Children not wearing such acceptable waterproof pants must vacate the pool area immediately.

8. Running around the pool, diving, loud or boisterous "horse play" is not permitted. This kind of activity may annoy others, especially residents of adjacent condominium units. Prelude 80 is a private "residence", not a motel.

9. Each resident has the responsibility to call attention to all violations and assist.

10. T-back swimsuits, or other inappropriate attire are prohibited anywhere on the premesis (common areas).

11. Use of the pool in underwear, cut-off jeans, or street clothes is prohibited.

12. Nudity is prohibited anywhere on the premesis (common and limited common areas).

13. Shoes must be worn at all times in the common areas within the building.

Prelude 80

Deck and Barbeque

This Area is for use of all residents as no barbecuing is allowed on unit balconies (electric or gas). Backup propane is available and there is a wrench for changing the tanks. Please leave a note in the office when the tank is empty. After use, proper cleanup is required and any disposal items be taken to the trash bin. If it is necessary for management to clean up after any mess left by you, a charge will be assessed.

Prelude 80

Game and Exercise Room

Pool table must be covered when play is complete. Children under the age of 16 may not use the pool table unless continually supervised by an adult over 21 years of age. Any and all such use is "AT YOUR OWN RISK".

WARNING: Do not step on the treadmill belt until it is turned on and on slow speed. Do not use this treadmill until you are fully familiar with all its functions. After use remove magnet and turn off the red switch located at the bottom and front of the treadmill. Do not remove the electric cord from the outlet.

Party Room

The party room can be reserved (except for National Holidays) by an owner only, with two weeks advanced notice, but not for more than one day. Proper clean-up including disposal of any and all debris immediately after use is required. A deposit of fifty dollars is required at the time the reservation is made. Any major clean up required by the association will result in the forfeiture of the $50.00.